Operations & Maintenance
(Asset Integrity)

Willoch aims to maintain your asset in a fit-for-service condition while maximizing its life and profitability in the most reliable, safe, cost-effective, and schedule-driven manner with our operations and maintenance support.

We provide asset support solutions are proven to drive down inspection and repair costs whilst improving reliability and operational safety. It covers operational readiness, asset management and modifications, general maintenance and enhancement works, and decommissioning services. Capabilities include but not limited to:

  • Mechanical Integrity Management Services – including shutdown/Turnaround Campaigns
  • Flange Management Services Inspection And Certification Of Lifting And Hoisting Equipment With Gear.
  • Onshore / Offshore Fabrication And Offshore Installation Works With Construction Support
  • Leak Repairs – Hot Tap
  • Fabric Maintenance Services
  • Tank Inspections And Maintenance Services (robotics And Manual)
  • Underwater Inspections (Mini ROVs) etc.
  • HVAC System Repair and Maintenance
  • Non Destructive Testing Services (Conventional and Advanced)
  • LACT Unit Maintenance/ Upgrade
  • Oil/ Water Separation
  • Nitrogen Services
  • Valve Maintenance Services Including Wellhead Maintenance Etc.
  • Crane Maintenance
  • Asset Verification And Tagging
  • Meter Proving And Calibration Services

We also provide the following specialist services to reduce MRO costs:

  • Corrosion protection and repairs for risers, conductors, flowlines, and associated piping for harsh duty applications by advanced composite technology.
  • Pipeline Integrity Assessment for non-piggable buried pipelines to ascertain their integrity by non-intrusive means i.e., no excavation, de-coating, and interruption of operations.
  • Paraffin (wax), asphaltene, scale and rust prevention and removal system and in oil and gas production and water systems.
  • Drone inspection services for detailed assessment of assets’ true condition enabling evidence-based decisions


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